Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Solving the Question "Why?"

Or as I often see it, why not?

That mystery is easy to resolve. Philosophers and other misfits have long noted this answer. Some of the great questions that many have faced, such as why do we exist, why is there a universe, have reached the answer: Because.

The answers are because we exist and because the universe exists. That’s as good a conclusive answer we will get, at least at present. Further answers are based on speculation or faith in a belief. There is nothing wrong with faith or speculation. We do need to realize that faith and speculation are what they are. For many faith is the answer. That is fine for the individual, and is very helpful to many individuals. Each person with a faith should note that other people have faith in different answers than their answers. It does not make sense to impost one’s one faith that an answer is correct ,over another person’s faith that a different answer is correct, in a violent or abuse manner.

Sadly, the fact that people insist that their interpretation of “why” is indeed the only correct answer that anyone with a different interpretation of what the correct answer is should be ridiculed or perhaps even physically injured or killed. That can create conflict. If you doubt this, there are historical books and perhaps even today’s news accounts that will confirm this. I see some articles in my local newspaper. It seems there were bar fights between Baptists and Methodists (noting that they were only there for the food and not for the alcohol) over whose belief is the correct “why” occurring. Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims may have fewer bar fights (since there are fewer bars in their cultures), yet they have been known to have some disagreements over whether their “why” or the other’s “why” is correct. There are arguments between some people of the Jewish faith in Israel as to a different answer to “why” than some people of the Muslim faith in countries surrounding and near Israel. There are some suspicions this leads to some tensions. There are arguments over “why” between Hindus in India and Muslims in Pakistan. This pattern appears to be repeated throughout almost worldwide. This also seems to have existed through human history. Some killings have results. By some, I mean, millions. Despite all the disputes that resulted in a person who answered “why” killing someone who answered “why” differently, the question of whose faith in what “why” should be, has never been settled.

The answer is “because”. If we could all agree that “because” is the answer and allow everyone else the right to their beliefs as to what isn’t known may be the further answer, than we all will live in a better, safer world.

What is known, and what is not a matter of faith about “why” is also actually simple. There is mass and energy. Energy creates mass. I recall something about mass being constantly squared, which it does not seem to mind. Mass needs to consume more mass in order to grow. That may actually be a physical requirement by definition The mass that is used to grow can be mass that is dead or alive. This appears to be universally true, as best as we know.

I will admit that the “why” question has a corollary question that totally confuses me. That is the question “when”. When did time begin, and how could time begin, for if time began, what about the time before time began? Some belief that the beginning of time is infinity, which is an ungraspable concept, in my opinion (not that I insist my opinion is the correct one). Some claim that time is finite. Even if this is correct, what about the time before time began? Some argue time is circular. If this is correct, when did this circular time begin and what was happening before circular time began. Some argue that time is an illusion, which might be easier to grasp. If time slows as the speed of light increases, that light could speed until time is constant, and therefore perhaps we all live within a singular time period. Which sort of makes sense but still makes me go “huh?” Some of these claims violate the laws of physics, yet maybe one of these time theories has a good attorney who can argue in favor of violating that law of physics so that is what indeed happens.

See, I don’t have all the answers. I did not claim that (No refunds on this book are allowed on that basis. The publisher insists I include the previous sentence.) I do believe that when this question is answer, it will be most enlightening. Maybe time does not exist at all, but if that is true, then why should I waste non-existent time trying to understand that? All I know is, why the question “why” is answered, I wish to reserve the right to ask some follow-up questions.

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